Lumen Launches Attentive Private Marketplaces with The MediaGrid

31 May 2023

Lumen have announced a partnership with The MediaGrid, a subsidiary of Criteo, to launch the world’s first AI-powered Attentive Private Marketplaces (aPMP). With this new solution, advertisers can purchase attention-first inventory across premium DSPs and SSPs through a single, dynamic solution to drive better outcomes. 

Attentive Private Marketplaces (aPMP) give advertisers the power to curate campaign-specific inventory based on what websites and channels drive higher attention and better results for their specific brand. 

How It Works 

Attentive Private Marketplaces make it easier than ever to select pre-bid filters that ensure you’re targeting domains that are known to drive high attention. By tagging your ad creative with attention tags, you can build your own custom attention algorithm, powered by the Lumen Predictive Attention Model, and deliver ads through a custom aPMP to the contexts that are most likely to generate attention based on your ad campaign’s ad formats, context, and domain geometry. 

Advertisers can run campaigns with aPMPs with three simple steps: 

  1. Integrate Lumen attention tags with a business-as-usual campaign. When an advertiser runs a standard campaign, integrate Lumen attention tags across the ad stack to start measuring attention.
  2. Set your attention objectives for aPMPs. Advertisers set a specific APM goal for the campaign such as views, total view time, or % viewed and any other parameters, such as ad format or campaign. Then Lumen’s AI takes over and builds an attention PMP customized to deliver high attention ads based on its learnings.
  3. A/B Test with an aPMP campaign. Run a business-as-usual campaign and a campaign with aPMP to test attention scores and measure engagement and conversion through brand uplift and sales uplift qualitative data via surveys and reports. 

Thanks to real-time optimization carried out by Lumen’s predictive attention model, no single Attentive Private Marketplace (aPMP) looks the same. The inventory curated for each deal can be tailored to the campaign, brand, or audience – without relying on static domain lists as traditional segments do. As a result, recent campaigns powered by Lumen’s aPMPs have seen:

  • +122% Attention Uplift 
  • +76% View Time Per Ad 
  • +61% Conversion Rate 
  • +25% Click-Through Rate

“Placing ads in high-attention marketplaces can significantly improve return on ad spend by optimizing media delivery for how many times ads are viewed, not just how many are delivered,” says Mike Follett, CEO at Lumen. “Rather than standard marketplace segments, our attentive private marketplaces run on AI-powered supply paths that customize the media mix based on what drives the most attention for the brand.”

Source: Lumen Research