How Curation Unlocks Fresh Audiences for Marketers

15 Nov 2023

Ad tech curation represents an evolution in digital marketing, where the precision of technology intersects with the art of advertising to unlock new audiences.

As consumer attention becomes increasingly fragmented across a multitude of platforms and media, the ability to curate content and experiences that resonate with diverse demographics is pivotal. Curation - beyond mere aggregation - can captivate elusive audiences and foster enduring connections with them. By harnessing the power of curation, marketers can elevate their brand narrative, align with consumer affinities, and craft tailored pathways that lead new audience segments to discover their offerings. 

We explore how curation is reshaping audience engagement strategies and transforming the outreach of brands in a saturated digital marketplace.

Appealing to New Audiences

Curation is not merely an enhancement of targeting precision; it dives deep into consumer data to unlock fresh audiences by identifying unique behavioral patterns and emerging interests that transcend traditional demographic groupings. These patterns signify a proactive interest in specific content domains, allowing brands to connect with consumers who are not only receptive but are actively seeking out related experiences.

By tapping into a diverse array of data points from browsing habits to content interactions, ad tech curation unearths hidden consumer clusters with a high potential for engagement. This enables brands to reach beyond their conventional audience scope and engage with segments that were previously inaccessible or unidentified. As a result, ad campaigns resonate on a more personal level, creating engagement that is both meaningful and likely to lead to higher conversion rates.

Furthermore, this curated approach to audience discovery ensures that advertising efforts are not squandered on disinterested viewers but are strategically deployed towards individuals with a demonstrated interest in the brand's category. This not only increases the efficiency of ad spend but also contributes to building a trusted brand reputation among these newly engaged audience segments.

Beyond Basic Targeting 

The advantages of ad tech curation extend far beyond the realms of traditional targeting. By delving into the complexities of consumer behaviour and preferences, ad tech curation facilitates the discovery of new, highly engaged audience segments. Marketers can now reach consumers who are not just passive recipients of advertisements but are actively interested in the content being presented. This is achieved through a meticulous analysis of digital footprints, which reveals patterns and tendencies that are indicative of consumer interest. With this level of detail, campaigns can be directed towards individuals who exhibit an interest for the product or service, thereby heightening the likelihood of engagement and conversion. For instance, marketers utilising ad tech curation have reported an increase in engagement rates by targeting users who have already shown a propensity for similar products or have interacted with related content online, resulting in more meaningful connections.

Boosting ROI and Ad Spend Efficiency

By employing sophisticated curation tools, brands are able to unearth and engage with niche markets and demographics that were previously underrepresented or overlooked in their advertising strategies and in ROI. This discovery of new segments is not a mere expansion of reach; it's a targeted connection to potential consumers who exhibit latent or emerging interest in the brand's category, but who haven't yet been exposed to the brand's messaging. 

With 88% of marketers claiming that first-party data is more important than ever, curation emerges as the answer to a changing identity landscape - the platform needed to leverage a range of identity solutions. By integrating publishers' first-party data into Private Marketplaces (PMPs) within their curated marketplace, and using semantic contextual targeting, media buyers can combine various inventory sources. This strategy enables them to engage new audiences through a consolidated package. Through curation, buyers who commit to a specific audience demographic or context will see their tailored deals dynamically updated with relevant inventory, guided by real-time data on the programmes or video clips being viewed. 

When advertisements are accurately aligned with both the content's genre or sentiment and the intended audience, this results in an enhanced advertising experience for everyone involved. This sort of approach focused on deep consumer insights through curation allows for a nuanced understanding of diverse consumer profiles, leading to personalised advertising that speaks directly to different tastes and preferences. As a result, marketers are not just recycling the same pool of users but have the ability to expand their reach and ROI. 

The Future of Navigating Uncharted Markets 

The trajectory of ad tech curation is poised to follow a unique path as emerging trends and technological advancements redefine the landscape of digital marketing. As cookie deprecation looms - alongside increasingly fragmented data that DSPs can’t keep up with - curation as a means to engage with new audiences becomes increasingly viable. With the integration of AI, the evolution of machine learning algorithms, and the rise of predictive analytics, ad tech curation will allow marketers to uncover and engage with niche audiences that have, until now, remained untapped. This is especially the case as curation moves beyond purely display. 

With an estimated 90% of the worlds data generated in the last two years alone, discerning marketers who harness the power of curation to distill and match content to the emerging tastes of new demographics will pioneer new pathways in advertising. 

Source: Exchange Wire, Mariam Ahmad